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E MACRON and press cartooning 2020

In his greetings to the French press on 15 January 2020, Emmanuel Macron refers to the press cartoon and the Addis Ababa Declaration for the recognition of the press cartoon as a fundamental right.

A major step: the Declaration is being transmitted to all Unesco Member States!

The Addis Ababa Declaration for the Recognition of Cartooning as a Fundamental Right, presented on May 3, 2019 at UNESCO World Press Freedom Days in Addis Ababa and handed over to the organization's Director General, enters in a new phase: We have asked the French...

Press release

ADDIS-ABABA DECLARATION FOR THE RECOGNITION OF CARTOONING AS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT MAY 3, 2019 Since 2017, professional press cartoonists from all backgrounds, sensibilities and continents have gathered around a vast project: to have press cartoons...

Addis-Ababa declaration for the Recognition of Cartooning as a Fundamental Human Right

We call on all cartoonists worldwide to sign this text, which will be sent to UNESCO

We the signatories…


We the signatories of this declaration « For the Recognition of Cartooning as a Fundamental Human Right », represented or assembled in Addis-Ababa on may 3 2019 at the World Press Freedom Day 2019 of UNESCO,

Recalling that drawing, illustration, painting, grafitti, etc., form a specific and universal language: the language of the image, that is present in all cultures since the origin of humanity.

Recalling that, like language, images express both the whole of the culture and the individual as well as their respective particularities: the uniqueness of a culture as subjectivity inherent in the artist’s point of view. The diversity of cartooning reflects the richness and vitality of a democratic society. It is constitutive of culture, and therefore, of humanity itself.

Recalling that freedom of expression is an essential indicator of the quality of social life and a condition that is indispensable to the right of opinion and freedom of conscious; it is also enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights.

Recalling that cartooning, which entered our “modern” societies in the 19th century, is one of heirs and one of the forms of this image-language. By telling her or his story, the cartoonist can bring debates or emerging phenomenon to light. She or he can even constitute a real counterforce: the freedom to critique any government or institution is the affirmation of the citizen’s right to scrutinize public affairs. The right to scrutinize is the pedestal of democracy.

Recalling that cartooning is a means of expression that requires specific attention because of its uniqueness: it is a means of expression based on an assumed connivance between the cartoonist and the reader. This connivance is founded on the codes of language, and notably, humor, derision, reflection, satire, exaggeration, irony, or metaphor… this method of expression is thus particularly subject to subjective interpretation. The development of the internet, a tool that circulates cartoons from all over the world instantly, thus favoring its de-contextualization, has fueled the tensions and feelings around this means of expression.

Recalling that, today, the freedom of cartooning is especially threatened. Reports from Cartooning for Peace, Human Rights Watch, The International Federation for Human Rights, Reporters Without Borders warn about the situation of cartoonists suffering from censorship, prosecution, unfair dismissal, imprisonment, or death threats.

Thanking the Government of the Federal democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the African Union, UNESCO and Cartooning for Peace for for their contributions to the organization of this seminar and to the process of this declaration. UNESCO strives for peace and works for each citizen of the world to enjoy the full freedom of expression, the pedestal of democracy, of development, and of human dignity. As part of this fight for peace and freedom of expression, UNESCO promises and supports the freedom of the press in general, and the freedom of cartooning in particular.

We declare the following:

1. We solemnly recall that the freedom to draw is a fundamental right enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, under which “every individual has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” Similarly, the UNESCO General Conference Resolution 25 C/104 of 1989 recalls the right to “the free circulation of ideas by work and by image at national and international levels.”

2. We recall the intangible right to the physical integrity of the cartoonist and our opposition to all threat or pressure of any kind to the cartoonist. We propose that a specific report be submitted each year to the UNESCO General Directorate and transmitted to Member States.

3. We call on the Member States and the international community to open processes of discussion and reflection on “the right to satire and irreverence.”

4. We take up the initiative envisioned by several press organizations and we ask UNESCO to establish an International Day of Cartooning.

5. We ask the UNESCO General Directorate to transmit this declaration to the international community at the next UNESCO General Conference.


5 December 2021 : 457 cartoonists…
Name or Pseudonym (artists)First NameCivil Name (if different)Country
ADENE Anne Spain
Aghaseyedhosseini Seyedmeysam Iran
Ajubel Ajubel Spain
alaa alaa Sudan
Alain MUSHABAH' MASSUMBUKO Alain - Democratic Republic of the Congo Alain de Saint Salvy France
Alex Alexandre Kern France
Alexandrov Vasiliy Russia
Alexia Alexia Papadopoulos Switzerland
alf alain faillat France
Ali hamra Ali HAMRA France
Alla & Chavdar Alla & Chavdar Bulgaria
amin amin aghaei Iran
Amorim Carlos Brazil
Anant Mohan Kumar India
Anderson Terry United Kingdom (UK)
Andy Singer Andy Singer United States of America (USA)
Ant Anthony Garner United Kingdom (UK)
Antonio Antunes Portugal
Antonio Corts Spain
Aranega Diego France
Arcouette Evelyne 167 Tour du Carré, Brébeuf, Québec Canada
arwa moukbel arwa arwa moukbel Yemen
Ary Moraes Ary Brazil
Asaad Wissam Syria
Babache Dominique Herrbach France
Babouse François-Henry Monier France
Bado Guy Badeaux Canada
Baeken Serge Belgium
Ballouhey Pierre France
Barrigue Thierry Switzerland
Battistini Laurent France
Bauer Jean-Claude France
Becs Alejandro Argentina
Bellapu Dhanush India
Bélom Bélom Belhomme France
Beltramo Jean-Jacques France
Benaji Naji Morocco
Bénédicte Bénédicte Sambo Switzerland
Benitez Alain Julien France
Berth Christophe Bertin France
Bertrand Cecile Belgium
bertrand cecile Belgium
Besse Camille France
Beto Luiz Luiz Alberto da Silva Brazil
BETTO Alberto Colombia
Biz Dessinateur Pierre BIZALION France
Blynt Blynt France
BOLIGÁN Angel Mexico
Boll Dominique France
BONIL Xavier Bonilla Ecuador
Borromeo Zachary Philippines
Bounila Maelainine Morocco
Bousiko Jerry Boursiquot Haiti
Bower Brett Australia
BRandan Brandan Reynolds South Africa
Brasseur Martine Belgium
Brendargon Brenda Brenda Peru
BRG Cyrille BRG France
Brito Carlos France
Brønserud Anders Denmark
Brum Rodrigo Brum Brazil
Byache Jean-Marie France
Cabrera Josua Philippines
Cacinho Acacio Junior Brazil
CAFFA Pascal France
Cagle Daryl United States of America (USA)
Calmels Eric France
Cambon Michel France
Camdelafu Camila Venezuela
Cami Camille Girard France
Carecomicart Juan Diego Juan Diego Gomez Lopez Colombia
Caro Caroline Rutz Switzerland
Carod Maribel Spain
Caspi Yuval Israel
Catherine Beaunez Catherine Beaunez France
Chereau Antoine Chereau France
Chócolo Harold Trujillo Colombia
Chouët Baptiste France
Christo Komar Christo Komarnitski Bulgaria
Cintia Bolio Cintia Bolio Mexico
Claudiò Francesco Puglia Italy
Clou Christian Louis Belgium
Cointe François France
Cole Hilary Cole United States of America (USA)
Colorfarma Farid Mahiedine France
Cost. Constantin Sunnerberg Belgium
Côté André Philippe Canada
COUDRAY Jean-Luc France
Cristina Cristina Sampaio Portugal
Crocbart Mike France
D S Chakravarthi India
Dadou David Buonomo France
Dahdouh Abdelghani Morroco
DANZIGER Jeff United States of America (USA)
Dauga Xavier France
Daullé Bertrand Daullé France
dawnymock Dawn Mockler Canada
Debuhme Philippe Baumann Switzerland
Decressac Philippe Belgium
Decressac Philippe Decressac Belgium
Delambre jean-michel France
Deligne Frédéric France
Deloire Laurent France
Delucq Xavier France
Dhab Nadia Tunisia
Di nunzio Michel Belgium
Di Silvestro Vincent Switzerland
Dieu Sébastien France
Djony Johnny Rubio France
doaa eladl doaa eladl Egypt
don quichotte erdogan karayel Germany
Donnelly Liza United States of America (USA)
Dubois Thierry France
DuBouillon Alain Bouillon France
Duchateau Kim Belgium
Duf Wim Dufraing Belgium
DUM Franck DHUMES France
Duró Jordi Andorra
Ed Wexler Ed United States of America (USA)
ELCHICOTRISTE Miguel Villalba Spain
Elena ospina Elena Elena Ospina Colombia
Elihu Duayer Elihu Filho Brazil
Emad Hajjaj Emad Hajjaj Jordan
Ermengol Ermengol Tolsà Badia Spain
F. Franck Raynal France
F.Lemort Franck Lemort France
Faccin Nicola Italy
FadiToOn Fadi Abou Hassan Hassan Norway
Falardeau Mira Canada
Falcó Chang Alex Falcó Chang Cuba
Faro Christophe Faraut France
Faujour Loïc France
Feggo Felipe Galindo United States of America (USA)
Felix Felix Felix Barrios Panama
Ferey Pépito Bourland Philippe France
Ferran Ferran Martín Spain
Ferreres Miquel Spain
Ferrom Ferreol Costa Rica
filipandré Moi, Moi, mec super France
Fink Uri Israel
Flock François France
Frank Arbelo Frank Arbelo Frank Arbelo Bolivia
Franx Michel Vranckx Belgium
Fred Martin Frédéric Martin France
GabrielBen Gabriel Benedito da Silva Brazil
GAL Gerard Alsteens Belgium
Ganan Olivier France
Gargalo Vasco Vasco Gargalo Portugal
Garrincha Gustavo United States of America (USA)
Gendre-Bergere Christine France
Gendry-Kim Keum Suk South Korea
Genin Guerra Luiz Eugênio Brazil
GHAMIR Ali Morocco
Giemsi Jean-Marc Couchet France
Gio Mariagrazia Quaranta Italy
Giroud Yves Switzerland
Glez Damien Burkina
Gôm Guillaume Puiseux France
Gorce Xavier France
goubelle dominique France
Gouders jean jean gouders Netherlands
Goutal Alain France
Gouzil David France
Gras Miquel Fernàndez Gras Spain
Gros Pascal France
GRUET Jean Michel Gruet France
Gueddar Khalid Morocco
Guillaume Néel Guillaume Néel France
Guillén Joan J. Spain
Hache Didier Henroz Belgium
Hamra Ali Syria
Hansson Riber Sweden
Harca Juli Sanchis Harca Spain
Hardy Vincent France
Haro Luis Haro Dominguez Luis Haro Dominguez Uruguay
Heidari Shahrokh France
heni Henok Ethiopia
Hermann Mendes Joann Locher Switzerland
Hico Hicabi Demirci Turkey
Hostens Jimmy Belgium
Hugot Jean-Pierre France
Isca Emilio Italy
Ismail dogan Belgium
Izel Izel Rozental Turkey
Jac Lelièvre Jacques Lelièvre France
Jannoel Jannoel jean noel Malinge France
JAP jacques JAP France
Jap Joan Antoni Poch I Goicoechea Spain
Jarape Jairo Peláez Colombia
Jepida Jean Pierre France
Jésica Cichero Jésica Jésica Andrea Cichero Spain
Jiho Olivier Jardin France
Joe Bonfim Josivan Bonfim France
Joep Bertrams Joep Bertrams Netherlands
Johan De Moor Johan De Moor Belgium
José Lovetro José Alberto Lovetro Brazil
JOSEPH segundo segundo romero gaibor Ecuador
Josso Hamel Olivier France
JRMora Juan Ramón Juan Ramón Mora Spain
Juanc6cr Juan Camilo Cadavid Colombia
Kabiro Arthur Kenya
Kak Patrick Lamassoure France
Kam Annick Kamgang France
Kamil Yavuz Kamil Yavuz Turkey
KanKr Simon Baert France
Kap Jaume Capdevila Spain
Karimzadeh Hassan Iran
Katz Avi Israel
Katzenelson Bob Denmark
Khalid Alhashimi Khalid Bahrain
Kim Kim Duchateau Belgium
Kivokurtcev Aleksei Russia
Kleber Kleber Moreno Ecuador
Kmilo Andres Camilo Patiño Olarte Colombia
Knudsen Dan Denmark
Komar Christo Christo Komarnitski Bulgaria
Kort François Corteggiani France
KOZY Kemal Ozyurt Turkey
kristian christian petit France
Krosh Christian Belgium
Kutal Firuz Afghanistan
L'Andalou Youcef Koudil Algeria
L'Epée Vincent Switzerland
L’Avi.- Lluis Reassens Spain
La Ché Cecilia Ramos Colombia
LACOMBE Xavier France
LagardeJethro" Christophe France
Lali Bilal DAGGEZEN Turkey
Lamisseb Sebastien Rocca France
Lardon Fred France
Large Marc France
Laurent Laurent Proust France
Lécroart Étienne France
Lectrr Steven Degryse Belgium
Lefred-Thouron Frédéric Thouron France
Lelièvre Jac France
LEMARIE Dominique France
León Luis Eduardo León Colombia
Livingstone Raphael Bossavie France
Lopez Alfonso Spain
Lounis Djamal Lounis Algeria
luc alias durdecifer luc Arnault France
Maarten Wolterink Maarten Wolterink Netherlands
Mackenzie Vic United States of America (USA)
Malagón Jose Rubio Spain
Malingrëy Rémi France
Man Manuel Lapert France
Manel F. Manel Fontdevilla Spain
Marec Marc De Cloedt Belgium
María Verónica Ramirez MARÍA VERÓNICA RAMIREZ Argentina
MARILO Marie-Laurence BOUCHERON France
Marko Marco Ramos Peru
Marko Marko France
Marlène Pohle Marlène Pohle Argentina
Marthe Christian Switzerland
Martin José Luis Spain
Martín Favelis Martín Martín Favelis Argentina
Masq Tym France
Mathieu Gérard France
Mays alomar Mays Alomar Jordan
MAZAN Pierre Lavaud France
MChamorro Marcelo Ecuador
MECHO Luis Calvo Costa Rica
Mendozza y Caramba Maxime Goan Kacou Cote d’Ivoire
Michel Guy France
Michel Guy France
Miko Damien Miko France
Milton Camargo Milton Camargo Colombia
Minou Yohann Henry France
Mitsuko Swan Audrey Bianco France
Moa Moacir Moacir Knorr Gutterres Brazil
Monteys Albert Spain
MORELLE Marie France
Morin Jim United States of America (USA)
Mouss Mouss France
Mric Aymeric Chastenet France
Murphy Dan Ireland
Mykaïa Mykaïa Tramoni-Caparos France
Nadim Nadim Jose Amin De La Hoz Colombia
Nagisetty Venkata Ramana Murthy India
Nagy Richard France
Nardi Marilena Italy
Natacha Lepage N? Natacha Lepage France
Nicolas GUENET Nicolas GUENET France
O-Sekoer Luc Descheemaeker Belgium
o.cuéllar Orlando Cuéllar Colombia
obaid osman Sudan
Ods Bodkins Tim United States of America (USA)
Oğuzhan Kayan - OGZ Oguzhan Turkey
Ohan Ohannes Saskal Turkey
Oki Oscar Sierra Quintero Costa Rica
Oli Olivier Pirnay Belgium
Omar Omar Zevallos Peru
Omar Omar Pérez Spain
Omrane Tawfiq Tunisia
Oudshoorn Floris Netherlands
Paf André Botella France
Pallarés Albert Spain
Pancho Francisco Graells France
Pepe Adryän Adrián Peñaherrera Ecuador
Peray Stephane Thailand
Peregrina Muñoz Ricardo Spain
Pessin Denis France
Pétillon René France
Petri Erik Denmark
Petrovic Zoran Germany
Phil Umbdenstock Philippe Umbdenstock France
PHILLIPE Jean-Denys France
Pichon Michel France
PIERREGUY Pierre Segonnes France
Piet Pierre Pauma France
Pigr Igor Paratte Switzerland
Pijet Andre - Canada
Pinter Patrick France
Pintoon João Pinto Portugal
Piron Benjamin France
Pitch Comment Switzerland
Placide Eric Laplace France
Plantu Jean France
Plassmann Thomas Germany
Plop Julie Besombes France
Pongi Sylvain France
Poroy Semih Turkey
PPP Vincent PINCHAUX France
Pugliese David David Pablo Pugliese Argentina
Puigbert Luis Spain
Rafagé Raphael Donay Belgium
Rahmou Thilleli Algeria
Rakkatak Raquel Gu Spain
Ramiro Ramiro Argañaraz Argentina
Rapé Rafael Pineda Rapé Mexico
Rasoanaivo William Mauritius
Ratianalison Njaranirina Lovanirainy Madagascar
Ray Didier France
RAYNAUD Olivier France
Red! Patrick Redon France
Refn Lars Refn Denmark
Ric Et Rac Francis Grosjean France
Rincón Bernardo Colombia
Rodríguez Antonio Mexico
Roman Michel France
Romano Romain JOLY France
Romeu Muller Carlos Spain
roSS Ross Thomson United Kingdom (UK)
Rousso Robert France
Roy Thibault France
Royaards Tjeerd Netherlands
Ruz Carlos ruiz El Salvador
Sabaaneh Mohammad mohammad Palestine
Sabnis Prashant India
sajini ugo alessandro Italy
Sajini Ugo Italy
salim zerrouki salim zerrouki Algeria
Sampaio Cristina Portugal
SAMSON Pierre France
SANOUNI Imad Morocco
Savignac Jean-Louis France
Scalpa Pascal Lemercier France
Schley Karsten Germany
Schmidt Olivier France
Seb Sebastien Chevriot France
Selçuk Demirel France
Serg Richard Ireland
Sergio Serge Prince France
Sergio Vallejo Sergio Vallejo Honduras
Sherif Arafa Sherif Egypt
sié Jérôme France
Sintès Eric Sintès France
Slim Menouar Merabtene Algeria
Solís Víctor Mexico
SONDRON Jacques Belgium
Soulas Philippe France
Soulcié Thibaut France
Spakman Jan-Willem Netherlands
Stef Stéphane Jalinier France
Stef Monnier Stephane Switzerland
stibane luc van linthout Belgium
Stril Georges Stril France
STRÖM Fabien DIDIER France
Surendra Surendra A Nath India
Swen Silvan Wegmann Switzerland
T.Knight Tami Knight Canada
TABARY Nicolas France
TAYO TAYO - Nigeria
Tchavdar Tchavdar Tchavdar Nikolov Bulgaria
Tchavdar Tchavdar Nikolov Bulgaria
Ted Rall Ted Rall United States of America (USA)
Teyssié Eric France
Thais Linhares (Mirim) Thais Linhares Brazil
thévin olivier France
Thierry Bouüaert Thierry Bouüaert Belgium
tOad Laurent Taudin France
Tom Toro Tom United States of America (USA)
Tonu Frederic Thonar Belgium
Toraldo Stéphane France
TradiPop Iris HÄNNI France
Trax Christine Traxeler France
Tres Carlos Villafranca Ortiz Spain
Triana Camilo Triana Colombia
Troud Fabrice France
Tym! tym Masq France
UKM Úrsula Argentina
Urjais Rui Rui Urjais Gomes Portugal
Vadot Nicolas Belgium
Vahe Vahe Nersesian Armenia
Vanstiphout Jeroen Belgium
Varella Onofre Portugal
Vial Nicolas France
vilmatraca vilma vargas Ecuador
Vince Vincent Dubois Belgium
VLADDO Vladimir Florez Colombia
Vriezekolk Arjen Netherlands
Wiglaf Arthur Colin France
Willis from Tunis Nadia Khiari Tunisia
Willy Zekid Willy Mouele Republic of the Congo
Ysope Jeff France
Zabuski Maurizio France
Zapiro Jonathan Shapiro South Africa
Zuili Didier France
Organization (association, company, newspaper…)First NameName or Pseudonym (artists)Country
Artistes pour la Paix Pierre Pierre Jasmin Canada
Asociación Frente Viñetista Estrella Caso Estrella Caso Spain
Association Be Art Beatrice Be Art France
Association Le Crayon Alexandre Faure France
Auteur et journaliste Sébastien Bailly France
Brazil Cartoon MÁRCIO MARCIO LEITE Brazil
Cannes Cartoons Paula Cannes Cartoons France
Cannes Cartoons Natalie-Carole Monteleone France
Cartoon Home Network International Cartoon Home Network International Cartoon Home Network International Norway
Cartooning for peace Firuz Firuz Norway
Cartoonist.Paris Eric Nahon France
Chroniqueur politique Hugo Billard France
Club de la Presse Occitanie Vincent Girard France
Danske Bladtegnere / the danish cartoonists Erik Petri Erik Petri Denmark
Directeur du Centre Librexpression - Fondation Giuseppe Di Vagno Thierry Vissol Italy
European Cartoon Center Saskia Gheysens Belgium
Festival international du dessin de presse, de la caricature et de la satire de l'Estaque FATHY BOURAYOU France
France-Cartoons Jean-Marie Bertin France James Tanay France
Jordanian cartoonists association JCA Emad Emad Hajjaj Jordan
Journaliste - Créateur de la Battle Graphique ( La coup d'Algérie des graphistes) Redha Menassel Algeria
Journaliste au Temps, quotidien généraliste édité à Lausanne Catherine Frammery Switzerland
Journaliste free-lance Patrick Lefebvre Belgium
La Canarde Sauvage Journal Henri Mérou France
lautrec objectif bulles fabrice lob France
Liberté de la presse Annie-Claude Minassian France
Maison du Dessin de Presse Stéphanie Billeter Switzerland
Micro journal Jason Huther Switzerland Eric MoBBee France
Moimeme Hube Chop France
Papiers Nickelés (rédacteur en chef) Yves FREMION France
Presse Citron/BnF - Illumine - La Plume de Pierre - DCL Luce Luce Mondor France
Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) Christophe Deloire France
Salon international du dessin de presse de Saint just le martel Bros Sofi France
Sociedad de Estudios Genealógicos y Heráldicos de Caarias Fernando-Domingo Rossi y Delgado Spain
Société des Gens de Lettres de France Pierre-Jean Brassac France
Society of Professional Journalists Stephanie Bluestein United States of America (USA)
The Cartoonist Marloes The Cartoonist Belgium
First NameName or Pseudonym (artists)Country
Jean France
Pierre aildoux Canada
Alexandrine Alexandrine Pineault Canada
Gisèle Allaeys France
Anant Alsteens Belgium
Amadeu Amadeu Portugal
D.W.J. Amerongen Netherlands
jean-claude amilhat France
Ana Claudia Ana Romania
Ana Ana Paula Tavares Portugal
Micha Andreieff France
Rzanny Andrzej Jan Spain
Angèle Angèle Icaire France
pieter aquartistiq France
Luc Armangau France
Ángel Artamendi Spain
Bruno ArteCubo Canada
Sophie Athieu-Boughari France
christèle audion France
Francis Auspert Belgium
Ahad Avarideh Iran
Pedro Azevedo Peres Portugal
Mathilde Bacholle France
Mario Badini Switzerland
Jonathan BAFOIL France
Paul BAILLY France
Sylvie Balzamo France
Pascale Bardi France
Laurent BARRIER France
Paulo Barrosa Portugal
Robert Beauchamp Canada
catherine beaulieu France
Marie Claude Béguelin Switzerland
Matthieu Béguelin Switzerland
Elisabeth Belleo France
Christian Bellone France
Marieta Benito Portugal
Nicolas Bernaerts France
antoine bernard France
Bernard Bernard Contesse Switzerland
sandrine berry-querrec France
Kristof Berte Belgium
Brigitte Bibi Canada
Pascal bigsicret France
Christine BIKA Belgium
Thierry Blin France
Caroline Boléa Ségui France
Maud Boré France
Hélène Borloz France
Bjørn Bossu Belgium
Jean-Marie Boubou Switzerland
Jacky Boucher France
Sophie Bouissou France
Stéphanie BOULIN France
Jean-Christophe Bovy France
Sven Braekeveldt Belgium
Josette Brock Belgium
Romain Brois France
Charline Brois France
Elsa Brulard France
Sylvain Brun France
Jean paul Brunerie France
Sarah Bruzzi Ireland
Jean-Marc Buchs Switzerland
Catherine Burki Switzerland
Nadia Cacouille Belgium
Teresa Cadete Portugal
Giuliana Caravaggi Switzerland
Frédéric Carle France
Laurent Caussignac France
Celestino Celestino José Fernandes da Silva Portugal
Patrice Cendre France
Luc Chalon Belgium
sarah champ France
Jerome Chasles France
Jean-Pierre Chatelin France
Gilles CIMENT France
Sam Clark United States of America (USA)
Sébastien CLAVIER France
valérie Coïc France
Charles CONTE France
Nelly Convert France
Marcel Cools Belgium
Karine COROT France
Nathalie Costa France
Claudia Cotting Switzerland
Christian Courel France
Florence Cousson France
Patricia Crépin Belgium
Sylvie Darraux France
Stef Dc Belgium
Tom De Meester Belgium
Gérard de MÉO France
Rudi De Moor Belgium
Jo Defyn Belgium
Fabien DELAUNAY France
Lorraine Demoulin Belgium
Cécile Derieux France
jean-joël dessart France
Fabienne Desseux France
Geert Devlieghere Belgium
Danny Dierickx Belgium
Denis Djegue Mukeke Canada
Florian Doladille France
jeremy doptaflux France
blandine drouhot France
rene druelle France
Pierre Charles Dubuc Canada
Josette Duchaine Belgium
Eliane e Switzerland
Ute Egghe Belgium
Eric Eric C Belgium
Jolive Eve France
Fabienne Everaert Belgium
Éliane Facca France
Sara Faillat France
Christian Fasy United States of America (USA)
Alexandre Faure France
Marie Favantines France
Georges FAVRE France
Anne Feruglio France
Vitor Filipe Portugal
Marie Ange Fillion France
Paul FLAMBARD France
france fleurs Belgium
Cédric Fleury France
Marie Focant Belgium
Sylvianne Fool Belgium
Jean-Bernard FOURMY France
Philippe Fraysse France
Christophe Fruchard France
Arlette G France
Sophie Gallifet France
James Garcia France
Pascal GARNIER France
André Gascard Belgium
Benoit Henri Gascoin France
Gemma Gauthier Canada
Cherian George Singapore
Vincent Geslin France
Gilles Gil France
Claude GILBERT France
Gilles Gilles ALLIERES France
Daniel Girod Switzerland
Patricia Giroud Switzerland
Ingrid Gobert Belgium
Benjamin Godineau France
Fernando Godinho Portugal
Jean Marc Gomes France
Constance Gomis France
Patricia Gondard France
guillaume goyon France
christine gracey France
Joëlle Grangeon France
Thierry Gratas France
Guillaume Guillaume Belgium
Christophe Guillet France
Alain Guillo France
Michel Guyon France
Friederike Habich France
Florence Hartmann France
Delphine Hayim Switzerland
Henry Henrio United Kingdom (UK)
Etienne Henry Switzerland
Maxime Herbay France
henri hinko France
Christine Hirschi Switzerland
Jan J. Holvoet Belgium
Béatrice HOULLÉ France
Joachim HUET France
Michel Huguenin-Bergenat Switzerland
Nago Humbert Switzerland
Idir Idir France
Ivana Ivana - 1001 Mains France
Jacques Jacques Dind Switzerland
Alain Jaffro France
pierre JAMET France
Maria João janeca Portugal
Benjamin Janssen France
Jef Janssens Belgium
nicole jaunin Switzerland
Amir Javan Peykar Netherlands
Jocelyne Jocelyne Fonlupt-Kilic France
Annick Joiret Belgium
Jean-Paul JP BONO France
Marie JULLIEN France
Julien Julo France
Muriel Jungers Belgium
Moh Kam Canada
Sophie Kepes France
Sophie KEPES France
Lidwine kervella France
Joëlle Kuhn Switzerland
Olivier Kurth Switzerland
Corine L'Epée Junod Switzerland
Bérénice L'Épéw Switzerland
Coralina Lacombe Picos France
Reinhard Laga Belgium
Marie Lambillotte Belgium
Anouk Lanouette Turgeon Canada
Louise C. Larsen Denmark
Johanne Lavallée Canada
François LAVARET France
Roberte LAZARE-LYON France
Ghislaine Le Beller France
julie le bras France
Eglantine Lebacq Belgium
Michel Lebailly France
Severine Lecocqa Belgium
colette lecuillier France
Monique Leonard France
jacquemin LeR@miou France
Line Line Blouin Canada
lionel lionel France
Helena LNA Belgium
Marie-Christine Loiseau ni Belgium
Max Lucas France
Louis luigino France
Cécile Maisonneuve France
Murielf Malandain France
Thierry Mangin France
Valérie Marchal France
Conceição Nogueiro Gomes Maria da Conceição Nogueiro Gomes Portugal
Rose MARIANI France
Marie Marie des Crobarts France
Cécile Marit Belgium
Cecile Maron France
Isabel Marques France
Paula Martins France
Anita Massey-Kaelin United States of America (USA)
Mark McKinney United States of America (USA)
Véronique Melery Belgium
yves MESNIL France
Martine MICHAUDET France
virginie miquel France
nicolas mondon France
Beatrice Monneret France
Manuel Munoz France
Yaël-July NAHON France
thierry navez Belgium
Charline NICOL France
Nicole Nicole Rigo France
Frederic Nourry France
Nuno Nuno Nogueira Portugal
Esme Nwassavene Mozambique
Olivier O.J. Belgium
OLIVIER OLI Switzerland
mathieu Orork France
Marc Panou Canada
Nikolay Papazov Bulgaria
Karl Passebon France
Patrice patdx Belgium
Paulo Paulo Jorge Fernandes Portugal
Maria Adosinda Rodrigues de Jesus Paulos Paulos Portugal
Rodolphe Pays France
Jean-Luc PEPIN France
Jean-Marc Perrin Switzerland
Hervé Pestiaux Belgium
Michel Peyen France
Iris Pittaco France
Laurent Potelle France
thierry pothin France
Robert Potvin Canada
Véronique Pouliquen France
fransoize prevosteau France
Alain Priem Canada
Jacques Querton France
Frederic RAMBERT France
Bernadette Ranc France
Alix REBORA France
Myriam Renaud France
Philippe Renette Belgium
Renaud Reno6mon France
Thomas Renon France
Thierry Revet France
Nicole Rigo France
christian rizzi Italy
Dieter Rogiers Belgium
Guy Roisin Belgium
Sylvie ROLAND France
Jean-Philippe Rolin Belgium
erwin rommel France
Claude Roore France
François Rousseau France
François Routier France
Jean-Yves ROUX France
Malika Rouyer France
Ruben Ruben Abrantes Portugal
Luc Ruidant Belgium
Colette Rychner Switzerland
Henri SAINT JEAN France
Diana Sampaio Portugal
Sarah Sarahchou Belgium
Catherine Scherrer France
Jean-Marc Schneider Belgium
Brigitte SILBERSTEIN France
Silvia raquel Silviq Spain
Jacqueline Simon-vermot Switzerland
Marie SORBAM France
Sabine SOULA France
Don Spurlock United States of America (USA)
Martine STOCKER France
Alain STRECK France
Anne Svatoch France
Carlo Swinnens Belgium
DE PABLO Sylvia France
Mourad T34 Algeria
France Talandier France
Patrick Tejero France
Viriato Teles Portugal
henri thurel France
Ellen Tomlinson France
Frederic TOURAINE France
Gilles Tournier France
Dominique Tripet France
Aline Urfer Switzerland
Jacqueline VACHERAT France
Guido Van den wyngaert Belgium
Wim Van Dooren Belgium
Charlotte Van Schepdael Belgium
Stijn Vanthournout Belgium
Karen Vater United States of America (USA)
Anne marie Vaudron France
Christian Véron France
Arne Verschraegen Belgium
Isabelle Verseau création Belgium
Claire Veschambre France
Magali Viallon France
Pascal Villalba France
Jeannine Vossen Belgium
Pierre Wetzel France
Akim a.j. Willems Belgium
géraldine Woessner France
Muriel Wolff France
Muriel WOLFF France
Xavier xavier Blondeau France
Yvan Y. France
Gottiparthi Yadagirirao India
Carinr Zanella Belgium
Jean-Marc Zbinden Switzerland
Agnès Zorro France

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